With the well trained and experienced team, our company are able to handle many different kind of commodities such as Foodstuff, pharmaceutical products, household products, electronic items, cosmetics, garments, machines, etc…

We will be based on the nature of the customer's operations, products, features and other related information, through our expertise and experience to help clients develop a fast and effective clearance program. The company has a high quality, efficient customs clearance team, their professional knowledge, the attitude of sincere enthusiasm to serve and consult our customers.  


Our Customs Services include: 

 *  Import / Export Customs Clearance Service

 *  Customs Evaluation of merchandise 

 *  Import Duty & Tax Assessment 

 *  Classification of HS Codes 

 *  Classification of goods

 *  Customs Surveying 

 *  Import / Export Permissions of controlled goods

 *  Import / Export Record maintenance 

 *  Payment of Custom Duties on customers behalf

 *  Temporary Import / Export procedures 

 *  Permanent Import/Export procedures 

 *  Consultancy Services 

 *  Customs Bonded Carriage

 *  Transit Customs Handling  

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