What is Vietnam fragrant rice?

Vietnam fragrant rice refers to any rice variety with an aromatic flavor and taste which is grown in Asian countries. Fragrant rice is also known as aromatic rice.


Vietnam fragrant rice

The aromatic smell of fragrant rice is the result of the chemical substance 2-acetyl-1-pyrroline. Types of Vietnamese fragrant rice are mostly medium and long grain varieties.

6 most popular Vietnam fragrant rice varieties

There are various types of Vietnam fragrant rice that buyers should know:

Vietnam fragrant rice: Jasmine

Jasmine rice is a Vietnam fragrant rice variety that has a long-grain form. It is also called “Gao Huong Lai” in Vietnamese. Jasmine rice has a special aroma and texture that distinguishes it from other rice varieties. When cooked, the texture is sticky and soft. The jasmine rice grains are still fragrant and slightly sticky when cooked.

There are two different varieties of jasmine rice, which are white jasmine rice and brown jasmine rice. White jasmine rice is the most popular one. The hull and bran layer is removed and the grain is well polished giving it the white colour. Brown jasmine rice, on the other hand, keeps the bran layers and hence includes more vitamins, fibre and minerals. Although less popular than white jasmine rice, brown jasmine rice is more healthy than white jasmine rice.


Jasmine rice

Consumption market: Jasmine rice is a Vietnamese fragrant rice type which is mainly exported to North America, the Philippines, Africa and the Middle East

FOB price of  jasmine rice: 530-540 USD/MT

Vietnam fragrant rice : ST24

Another type of Vietnam fragrant rice is ST24 rice. ST stands for “Soc Trang”, which is a province located in Mekong Delta in Viet Nam and also the birthplace of these types of rice. ST24 rice is also produced in other provinces like Dong Thap or Ca Mau. The Mekong Delta is an ideal area for ST24 production thanks to its modern irrigation system, tropical weather, and skilled farmers.


ST24 rice

ST24 rice is a well-known type of Vietnam fragrant rice type because of its high quality and flavour. ST24 rice is distinguished by its long white grains with an aromatic pineapple scent that many consumers love. The rice is soft and fragrant when cooked, with a pandan-like smell. Even if the cooked rice is cool, it is still soft to eat.

Consumption market: ST24 rice is exported to 14 different markets around the world in which China accounts for nearly 90% of the market share with 38,909 tons in 2021.

FOB prices of ST24: 670-710 USD/MT

Vietnam fragrant rice : ST25 rice

ST25 is a delicious Vietnam fragrant rice variety. Compared with international rice varieties, the advantage of ST25 is its high yield, which can be grown from two to three crops in a year. This rice is also fragrant, white, and beautiful like ST24, but the grain is more flexible.

ST25 is the premium rice on the rice market with long, clear, silver-free rice. Cooked rice has a soft, sweet and special pineapple flavor that is very attractive. Rice is fragrant, so cook with little water, the rice is still soft even though it’s cooled. In particular, this rice has a high protein content, so it is suitable for people with diabetes, both the elderly and children.

Consumption market: In 2020, ST25 rice was only exported to two markets which are the US and Macau. However, in 2021 it was expanded to 11 markets around the world such as Germany, Russia, Belgium, Canada, France, Australia, and the UK. Among them, the US is the largest importer of this Vietnam fragrant rice type with 2.800 tons in 2021, equivalent to about 91% of the market share.

FOB price of ST25 rice: 840-910 USD/MT

ST24 and ST25 rice comparison: The quality of ST24 and ST25 rice are equivalent. The small difference between these two types of Vietnam fragrant rice is: If you prefer the medium sticky texture, then choose ST24 rice. And if you prefer the high sticky texture, then choose ST25 rice.

Vietnam fragrant rice : DT08

DT08 (Dai Thom 08) is a high-quality type of Vietnam fragrant rice grown in Viet Nam. DT08 rice has medium grains, with an evenly bright-white color. DT08 rice has a short growth period; therfore, there are 3 crops of DT08 rice per year, which are harvested in the spring, autumn and winter. When cooked, the texture of DT08 rice is soft and remains sticky after cooling.


DT08 rice

Consumption markets: DT08 rice is primarily exported to China, the Philippines and Africa markets

FOB price of DT08 rice: 470-510 USD/MT

Vietnam fragrant rice : OM 5451


OM5451 rice

OM 5451 rice is a Vietnam fragrant rice created by the combination of 2 varieties Jasmine 85 and OM 2490 and grown in 3 crops a year. The average grain length is about: 6.6 mm. When cooked, the OM 5451 rice is soft and does not get dry even when cooled. This type of rice is very easy to cook and is completely up to export standards. Due to its low price, OM 5451 rice is also the optimal choice for canteens of companies with large staffs, industrial catering suppliers

Consumption market: OM 5451 rice is exported and well sold in China and Philippines

FOB price of OM 5451: 480-500 USD/MT

Vietnam fragrant rice : KDM rice

KDM rice (Kow Dak Mali) is grown in the border areas of Vietnam and Cambodia. KDM is a high-class Vietnam fragrant rice with long-grain shape, clear white color, and a smell like jasmine flower. The growth period of the KDM variety is 6 months/crop, so there is usually only one crop per year and the harvest is in the spring.


KDM rice

When cooked, KDM rice gives off a soft, natural jasmine aroma and a sweet taste.

Consumption market: KDM rice is famous in countries like China, Malaysia, Indonesia, Europe, America and Africa.

FOB price of KDM rice: 580-600 USD/MT

4 Things to know about Vietnam fragrant rice import

Here are something about Vietnam fragrant rice import that you should know:

Competitive advantages of Vietnam fragrant rice

Viet Nam is also one of the world’s leading rice exporters. Vietnam fragrant rice has a low price but the quality is similar to rice from other countries. Viet Nam’s rice supply is quite abundant thanks to the continuous expansion of rice-growing areas, modern irrigation systems and high-skilled labor. Besides, Viet Nam focuses on producing low-cost but high-yielding rice varieties.

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